An auto user killed a man walking in Cully neighborhood

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NE 45th and Lombard/Portland Hwy.

Sunday night around 8:00 pm someone who was walking in the Cully neighborhood near the intersection of Northeast 45th and Lombard died in a collision with someone driving a car. This is the third fatality in the Columbia/Lombard corridor in 2019 and it comes as the Portland Bureau of Transportation is working on a plan to improve conditions in the area.[Read more…]

Lombard bike lane project now includes key signal upgrade at Delaware

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Current conditions at Lombard and North Curtis.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

A project on North Lombard Street that aims to reduce driving access and the injuries and crashes that come with it, will now include upgrades to a key intersection.
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ODOT project would add bike lanes on key stretch of N Lombard

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The Oregon Department of Transportation is seeking feedback on a project that will add bike lanes to North Lombard between Newman and Wilbur avenues.[Read more…]

Portland’s latest protected bikeway goes through an industrial zone on city’s northern edge

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This is an exciting new connection in our network.
(Photos: Jonathan Maus)

They’re the best bike lanes in Portland that no almost no one has heard about.
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First look: Buffered bike lanes on Lombard in north Portland

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New bikeways on Lombard-7.jpg

ODOT has updated Lombard from four standard lanes to two standard lanes, a left-turn lane, and bike lanes.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)

The Oregon Department of Transportation is doing their best to provide a place for people to ride bicycles on Lombard Street in north Portland.
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First look: ODOT’s new path around deadly Lombard intersection

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New path from ODOT on Lombard at 42nd-6.jpg

It’s 450-feet long but it could be the difference between life and death.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

The State of Oregon has completed construction of a new bike path on NE Lombard (Highway 30) at 42nd. The path is about one-tenth of a mile long and is separated from motor vehicle traffic by a guardrail.

It doesn’t have an official name, but I’ll always think of this as the Martin Greenough Memorial Bike Path.
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Portland edits city bike map to reflect fatal bike lane gap

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A small but important change.
(Graphic: PBOT Citywide Bike Map)

The City of Portland has edited a section of their official bike map to more accurately depict a dangerous gap in the bike lane where man was killed in 2015.

As we reported at the time, Martin Greenough might have been on his first-ever bike commute when he was hit and killed by an intoxicated driver on NE Lombard. Greenough was hit while bicycling through a dangerous gap in the bike lane that occurs where the lanes narrow to go under an overpass. Unfortunately, the official City of Portland bike map Greenough used to plot his course did not show the gap. The map incorrectly labeled that section of NE Lombard where it goes under 42nd Avenue as having a continuous bike lane.
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ODOT will install new bike path in location where Martin Greenough died

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NE Lombard at 42nd -8.jpg

Where the bike lane ends.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)

Martin Greenough died on December 12th 2015 after being hit by a reckless driver on NE Lombard. Greenough was struck in a notoriously dangerous spot where the road narrows and the bike lane abruptly disappears — forcing bicycle users to share a lane with vehicles that regularly travel 50 mph.

In light of Greenough’s death, the Oregon Department of Transportation will fill that deadly bike lane gap.

By this summer (at the latest) there will be a new bike path in the eastbound direction of NE Lombard Street where it goes under NE 42nd Avenue. According to ODOT the path will be 450-feet long and six-feet wide. It will be constructed off the highway and will go behind existing guardrails and columns that support an overpass. Here’s the official statement from ODOT:[Read more…]

The latest on two separate injury bicycle crashes in North Portland

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Brian Duncan was seriously injured while trying to cross Rosa Parks at Delaware last night. This is the view looking westbound just before the intersection.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

Since Sunday night we’ve been following two crashes that involve people who were riding bicycles in north Portland. The first happened late Sunday night (3/27) at North Lombard and Jordan Avenue. The most recent one happened just last night on North Rosa Parks Way at Delaware. Here’s the latest information we have on both of them…
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New Seasons customers visit new store — and park their cars in state’s new bike lane – UPDATED

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Photos of cars parked in the bike lane in front of New Seasons on Lombard.
(Photos: ODOT)

A new grocery store opened in North Portland’s University Park neighborhood today. Unfortunately customers who arrived by bike saw their new bike lanes full of cars.
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