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  • Why does it take so long for the light to change at SW Harvey Milk and Naito Parkway? It is a several minute wait and the light does not cycle when the others on Naito do. 2 posts – 2 participants Read full topic
  • During my latest stop at my shop for recumbent bikes I asked about business conditions. Their sales peaked during the Covid period and are about back to average. The supply chain is back to near normal. One thing he did mention is that people are returning or selling bikes they […]
  • Here’s a good idea for a Christmas or Hanukkah gift for your bike-riding friends in law-free Portland. Reflectors on spokes! They cost about $15 and are easy to put on. They make your bike stand out in the dark winter days. I had a link to Amazon, but a Scrooge […]
  • As reported here: effort was made to keep vehicles out, but I think they’re leaking into the protected area from N Syracuse St now. 3 posts – 2 participants Read full topic