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  • So, i was struck by a car yesterday evening, crossing NE 33rd on Stanton. Police were on scene, and he did file a police report. I have not seen it yet, but put in a request. I have no information on the driver or his insurance. I was taken by […]
  • The trolls that seem to have a lot of free time for this place, have a stick up their big toe about the progressiveness of Portland; that it is the reason for the mess most Portlanders find ourselves. But they don’t really live here, and more importantly they don’t have […]
  • I have a Surly Wednesday and I want to install a Rohloff hub. Does anybody know of a bike shop in town that has experience with Rohloff’s? 1 post – 1 participant Read full topic
  • Interesting NYT’s article on rampant bike theft in Burlington, VT. Sounds like Portland lite: “It has been traumatizing,” said Ms. Williams, “to watch the city kind of fall apart before your eyes.” “We are not used to this level of violence in Vermont,” COMMONALITIES: Progressive Politics Police defunding and subsequent […]