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  • Stages SB20 Smart Bike – Basically brand new Used probably 10x (Pandemic motivated…) Retail 3150$, for sale 2150$ Real bike feel. Real bike fit. Responsive, wide-range electronic resistance and a 50 lb flywheel for an incredibly realistic feel when climbing, accelerating and coasting. Precision dual-sided power meter. User-configurable electronic shifting […]
  • TriMet has received a new fund of money from the state. They are asking for opinions how it should be prioritized. This could be your chance to comment on bikes and bus lanes. More clearly marked red bus lanes. Thoughts on distribution of funds for the low income and other […]
  • Another pedestrian death on I-84. Another “vulnerable neighbor” from Ohio or Oklahoma is my guess. Yours? Very sad we enable these deaths in Portland, a City of cruel and inhumane street camps. It’s NOT like this in most of the USA. Portland Police Traffic #ALERT: Investigation of Crash Involving Vehicle […]
  • I saw this on Nextdoor but posts are only available to people in specific neighborhoods. If this is your bike, message me and I’ll try to put you in contact with the person who posted. 1 post – 1 participant Read full topic