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  • Apologies if this has been covered recently. I’m looking to do a light tour on the Old Columbia River Highway (primarily) from Portland to Hood River. I can’t sort out what happens at Viento State Park. Do I dump onto I-84 and white knuckle for 10 miles or so? Is […]
  • The suspect then punched the 5-year-old girl in her bike helmet numerous times. Portland Police Eastbank Esplanade Assault Results in Bias Crime Charges An assault on the Eastbank Esplanade has resulted in the arrest of a suspect and Bias Crime charges. On Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 3:45p.m., Central Precinct […]
  • I booked a ticket from PDX to Vancouver BC for next week, which is on the Amtrak Cascades train from PDX to Seattle, then Amtrak bus from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. The website gave me an option to pay $10 extra to bring a bike, so I paid it. Amtrak’s […]
  • Betsy Reese 6 hours ago I urge everyone who bikes the MUPs to be on the lookout and report the invasive vine Clematis Vitalba that is smothering our trees to death and spreading its seeds. I started noticing the vines in the fall/winter when they are covered with dandelion-fuzz-like seedheads […]