Big milestone ahead as State of Oregon set to hand off 82nd Ave to Portland

At Thursday’s Portland City Council meeting, commissioners will vote to adopt an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Transportation giving the City of Portland will official jurisdiction over 82nd Avenue as of June 1. Until now, ODOT has managed 82nd Ave, a.k.a. State Route 213, and one … Read more

U.S. House-approved ‘INVEST in America Act’ includes $18 million for Portland road projects

U.S. Congressman and former Portland city commissioner Earl Blumenauer took a walk on Southeast 82nd Avenue on Friday to highlight a $5 million federal investment into the beleaguered road. The visit came a week after Blumenauer and his colleagues in the House of Representatives voted 221 to 201 to pass the INVEST in America Act, … Read more

Reasons for optimism around major 82nd Avenue funding request

With less than one week left in the 2021 Oregon legislative session there’s one big question Portlanders still don’t have an answer: Will lawmakers choose to spend $80 million to kickstart a long-awaited process that will transfer jurisdiction of 82nd Avenue from the State of Oregon to the City of Portland? According to Representative Khanh … Read more

City, state reach ‘historic agreement’ for transfer of 82nd Avenue

The Portland Bureau of Transportation says they’ve reached an “historic agreement” with the Oregon Department of Transportation to transfer 82nd Avenue from state to city hands. The move comes amid increased urgency for action following the deaths of two people at the same intersection last April. The plan calls for an $80 million commitment from … Read more