City seeks cycling input on Freight Master Plan update

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has launched an update to the Freight Master Plan and the first place they stopped to ask for feedback was the bicycle advisory committee. That makes sense given the tragic legacy of death and injury left behind by drivers of big trucks on Portland’s central city streets. For years we’ve … Read more

Comment of the Week: A powerful critique of the Portland Freight Committee

“Time [the Portland Freight Committee] was sent packing or at least reconfigured”— Lenny Anderson My visit to the Portland Freight Committee (PFC) earlier this month led to an interesting revelation: Turns out, members of this influential committee think the use of large freight trucks on North Lombard should be prioritized above everything else. To say … Read more

Freight Committee: “Postpone any advancement” of Barbur road diet

Barbur needs more capacity, not less, says freight committee.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) The Portland Freight Committee, a group that advises the City’s Bureau of Transportation on “issues related to freight mobility”, penned a letter to Commissioner Steve Novick (and sent a copy to Mayor Hales) that outlines their opposition to the proposed “road diet” on … Read more