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Police search for suspect in fatal hit-and-run crash on SW Barbur

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Photos from the scene by Eric Wilhelm show PPB Major Crash Team investigation markings on the northwest corner of SW Barbur and Capitol Hill Road.[Read more…]

Person killed by drunk driver on SW Barbur Boulevard

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PPB says it happened “in the area” of SW Barbur and Parkhill.

Portland Police have issued a statement on a fatal collision that happened early this morning on Southwest Barbur Boulevard.

According to the PPB, it happened just after midnight near the intersection of Barbur and SW Parkhill Drive. This is three miles south of Portland City Hall and just north of the Vermont viaduct.

Officers responded to what they thought was single car collision, but when the arrived they were contacted by the driver of the car, 30-year-old Ivan Cam. Cam told officers he thought he hit someone who was walking. Upon further investigation, the officers found a body lying in the street. [Read more…]

Two people were killed in traffic collisions over the weekend

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Powell is an ODOT-owned arterial.

Portland Police responded to two fatal collisions Saturday night within about three hours of each other. The deaths push Portland’s yearly total to 10, that’s twice as many as we had last year at this time.[Read more…]

Fatal collision in Goose Hollow a tragic result of decisions and design

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The large wall seen from southbound SW Vista as it approaches Park. The truck driver was headed toward the intersection with that red car in the background.

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Man riding a bicycle dies after collision with a truck driver in Goose Hollow

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Looking southbound on SW Vista at SW Park (direction truck driver was traveling).

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This morning’s death on TV Highway underscores need for reform, investment

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Another dangerous ODOT highway that runs through our cities. Another tragic consequence.
(Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

Policymaking can often feel far-removed from our everyday lives. Then there are times when we can connect current policy debates with matters of life-and-death with a short, straight line. This is one of those times.[Read more…]

Arrest in St. Johns hit-and-run and prison sentence for crash on N Willamette

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Damage from the scene of 2018 crash on North Willamette Blvd.
(Photo: PPB)

We have updates on two crashes that claimed the lives of two people in 2017 and 2018.

Today the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County District Attorney announced major developments in cases that involved fatal traffic crashes in north Portland.

The PPB says they’ve arrested a man for the death of Daniel Ramsey, who was struck while walking across North Fessenden Street on November 26th, 2017. 22-year-old Luis Silva Echeverria-Navarrete was arrested in Hillsboro after an investigation by the PPB’s Traffic Investigations Unit. Using tips from people in the community, Echeverria-Navarrete was identified as the driver and has been charged with manslaughter, failure to perform the duties of a driver, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. He was arraigned today.
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Portland’s traffic death toll climbs to 51 after two more people died this morning

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NE 122nd and Halsey — where someone was killed while walking this morning — is dominated by dangerous vehicle users. Can you spot the man in the crosswalk?

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Injuries, death, and damage: A weekend traffic violence roundup

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The driver of this car ran into a light pole, a business, and a person on the sidewalk near SE Morrison and Grand on Friday night before she was arrested for DUI and other charges.
(Photos: PPB)

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A man died on a corner in Happy Valley and the police statement blames him for it

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Images of Sanchez and memorial on corner of Hwy 212 and 102nd in Happy Valley. (Via Facebook, used with permission)

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