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TL;DR Version

BikePortland’s audience is large and influential. Our readers are engaged and active in our comments section, on social media and within their communities. We respect our audience and want to partner with brand marketers who “get” that BikePortland is both a news outlet with an impressive daily reach and a powerful resource for transportation advocacy that’s making a real difference. We can work with you to create an ad campaign tailor-made for your goals, timeline, and budget.

Interested? Contact our founder, publisher and daily news editor Jonathan Maus at (503) 706-8804 or jonathan(at)

Why We Exist

medikitgraphic3BikePortland exists make Portland the best biking city in the world — and inspire many other cities along the way.

Our Advertising Philosophy

Local businesses are vital to making Portland great and we love helping them succeed. Far from a necessary evil, we see advertising as a partnership. Our goal is to create advertising that supports our work, achieves your marketing goals, and provides value for our audience.

What We’re Not

If you’re looking for quick clicks (a respectable goal), you might be better off using search engine marketing.

We’re not cheap. Because we’re a very lean operation (we’ve never had more than one full-time paid employee) we don’t have the capacity to work with a large number of partners. We prefer to work on deep partnerships with a manageable amount of clients who are ready to commit for at least six months. For quick and cheap options you’d be better off going with Google or Facebook ads.

What We Are: A Perfect Home For Local Brands

People who follow BikePortland are smart and engaged influencers who love cycling and are fiercely loyal to local brands and businesses.

BikePortland Clients

Here’s just a sample of who we’ve worked with over the years.


BikePortland Overview & Audience Snapshot

What We Do

We publish 2-5 stories a day on our blog, send a handcrafted newsletter to our most loyal fans once a month, maintain a comprehensive bike-related events calendar, offer a job listings service, organize off-line events, keep our social media accounts well fed with original content like videos, photos, and commentary — and much more.

How many readers do you guys have?

We get this question a lot. We believe quality of readers is much more important than quantity — and we make editorial decisions based on that belief. And while we could have a larger audience by re-posting viral videos or posting a bunch of Top 10 lists and other clickbait, we respect our readers too much to do that. Even so, we’re proud of our traffic numbers and reach. Here are some estimates based on Google and Facebook Analytics*:

    Average Monthly Blog Visitors: 240,000
    Average Monthly Blog Pageviews: 420,000
    Twitter Monthly Impressions: 700,000 (with 24,100 followers as of August 2017)
    Instagram Followers: 4,700
    Facebook Monthly Reach: 100,000

2017 Ad Products

mediakit-dsitespacesContent Sponsorship
$150 per post or variable if part of a larger campaign)

Put your brand directly into our content. We offer sponsorship of regularly published weekly columns like the Monday Roundup and the Weekend Event Guide. Comes with a line of linked promotional text. (For example: “This week’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by Ed’s Widgets (linked), where you can find the best widgets at the best prices.”) You can also sponsor a custom series of articles or a specific subject. Ask us for more information how this works.

Social Media
Price varies with each campaign

Our social reach grows every week, now you can be a part of it. Get guaranteed mentions on our social channels by sponsoring a contest or promoting your message with an image or graphic.

Display Ads
$300 to $1,200 per month

The cornerstone of a successful campaign, display ads are the place you can tell your story visually. We offer many different sizes and placements and can work with you to find the best space.

Job Postings
$50 each

We’ve helped many companies find excellent employees. Each listing is posted to our Jobs section and receives a mention in the sidebar, a mention on Twitter and inclusion in the “Jobs of the Week” post each Friday.

$250-$500 per newsletter

Our newsletter goes out to about 500 of our most loyal fans (it’s made up of our subscribers and financial supporters).

Price varies with each campaign

Between our calendar, our Weekend Event Guide post and our offline events, we are the perfect place to spread the word about your upcoming events and/or boost your exposure with our active audience.

Custom Campaigns
$500 to $1,500 per month

Our most popular option! Let’s work together to create a campaign that fits for your budget, goals, and timeline. Our most successful clients work with us for at least six months and combine the above elements into a strong package that guarantees exposure and engagement with our audience.

We look forward to working with you! To get started today contact Jonathan Maus – jonathan(at)