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Where would our community be without an independent, reliable and respected voice for cycling and transportation? One that helps foster productive dialogue; spreads the word about everything from job openings and events to detour notices and project surveys; amplifies voices of activists working for change, connects and builds our community — then inspires it to action?

We’ve spent over 15 years building this community resource. We need your financial support to keep it going — and to build something even better for the future.

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BikePortland has been a trusted source of news, information and inspiration since 2005. Our award-winning journalism and community-building content is a vital part the transportation conversation in our city, region, country, and to our thousands of followers around the globe.

We were honored to be named “Best Local Blog” in the Willamette Week Best of Portland Reader’s Poll in 2016 and 2017 and to win a First Place award for General News Reporting from SPJ Oregon; but awards and hard work only get us so far. We need you to step up and help us thrive.

BikePortland exists today because hundreds of individuals and businesses fund our work. Please join them!

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