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“I joined not for new benefits but because I believe your blog is a super-important, valuable ‘central hub’ of communications among all the stakeholders in the biking community. The blog is fair, fun, thoughtful, and published on a reliable schedule. It’s the only blog I always read. There is no doubt that it influences public policy.”

– Rob H.

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Sustain Our Work: BikePortland covers a wide variety of issues. We post over 80 stories per month on every cycling-related issue imaginable — that’s just 12 cents per post! Our reporting, advocacy, and events have a vast impact on cycling in Portland and beyond. Your financial support ensures BikePortland’s continued operation.

The Street Beat Newsletter: Street Beat is a pithy, upbeat summary of the Portland news you can use in your low-car life: biking, transit, walking, land-use, real estate, urban design and more. Our newsletter also features a personal note from Jonathan Maus, a Route of the Month, and a local rider profile.

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