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Welcome to the BikePortland Podcast (formerly the Portland Afoot Podcast) where Michael Andersen, Lily Karabaic and Jonathan Maus delve into a new issue each month. We tackle a range of topics with a mix of personal commentary, news and information in a digestible format.

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Bike media

Robots in our streets: Tech and transportation (recorded live)

How bike advocates are made

What if?

Pedaling the urban/rural divide

Epilepsy, visibility science, and other things you might not know about bike lights

This episode features special guest Halley Weaver, author of the Bikeleptic blog. We discuss a topic with more than meets the eye: bicycle lights.

Bike Fun Kitten Brigade (or, How Bike Fun is Changing the World)

In this episode, Lily and Jonathan are joined by special guest Carl Larson for a chat about bike fun and Pedalpalooza. Learn how bike fun is a gateway drug for bike advocacy, why the Naked Bike Ride is embraced (while critical mass is reviled), and why no one will go on a “Save the Earth” ride.

May 2014: Getting Our Signals Straight

In this episode, Lily, Michael and Jonathan are joined by PBOT Division Manager of Signals, Lighting and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Peter Koonce for a discussion of the surprisingly powerful role of traffic signals in creating a bike-friendly city.

April 2014: Biking While Fashionable

In this episode, Lily, Michael and Jonathan are joined by special guest Meghan Sinnott for a in-depth conversation on the who/what/why of bike fashion. We guarantee you’ll want to ride in a skirt (whether you’re a guy or a gal) after listening.

February/March 2014: The State of Bike Advocacy

January 2014: Skateboarding is not a crime, it’s a mode

December 2013: The Q & A Episode

November 2013: Portland Bike Share

October 2013: Rural Road Riding

September 2013: Real Estate

August 2013: Carnage