PBOT maintenance staff ask council for support while union organizer says strike isn’t off the table

“We get a lot of thank yous from downtown, but those thank yous dry up when we ask for more money, and we’re suffering.” -Andrew Sterling, PBOT and Laborers Local 483 The people who work in the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Maintenance Operations department do the nitty-gritty work of keeping this city moving — and … Read more

Have PBOT’s changes to SE Hawthorne made a difference?

Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, with its plethora of artsy thrift shops, cafes and bars, may be one of the first streets to come to mind when you think of quintessential Portland. Hawthorne is always buzzing with activity and people walking up and down the street, perhaps enjoying a cup of coffee from Grand Central Bakery, lugging … Read more

Starting next month, car parking in the Lloyd will cost more during big events

PBOT says this is to “encourage less driving and more use of public transit, biking, and other means of transportation.” There are many transit options people can use to travel to the Lloyd District and attend a Trail Blazers game at the Moda Center or an event at the Convention Center. The Lloyd is one of the … Read more

PBOT: There will be only three Sunday Parkways events in 2023

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has new plans for Sunday Parkways – and they may be disappointing to fans of the annual open streets event. This summer marked Sunday Parkways’ return for the first time since the pandemic began, but instead of the usual five in-person events held throughout the summer, there were only two … Read more

City will seek federal grant to study southeast train crossing delays

People are fed up with being at the mercy of Union Pacific trains that rumble through inner southeast Portland every day. The trains create an impenetrable barrier (unless you risk hopping through them) and long traffic delays that have frustrated locals and everyone who uses nearby roads and bike paths for many years. Now, thanks … Read more

Pedalpalooza ride explores what’s ‘in motion’ for north Portland

For many people who live outside of north Portland, the idea of getting up to the peninsula can seem daunting. Despite many destinations (the stunning St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park are particular standouts), this area may as well be a different city altogether for those who don’t want to make the trek. Distance is … Read more

Portland’s top traffic signal staffer takes bike advocates for a ride

Good urban planning means the average person traveling around a city doesn’t need to know anything about what went into designing it – they can just get around intuitively. Peter Koonce, who manages the traffic signals and street lighting division at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, is keenly aware of this. Koonce and his team … Read more

Sunday Parkways returns this weekend!

This Sunday, six miles of streets in Portland’s northeast Cully neighborhood will be free of cars and open to people walking, biking and rolling. That’s right: Sunday Parkways, Portland’s beloved annual summer open streets event, is back in-person after two years off and it’s almost time for the kickoff. During the last two summers, the … Read more

Roundabout at SE Harold among ideas to make 122nd Ave a safe ‘civic corridor’

“We are looking at a more significant change to the streets.” – Bryan Poole, PBOT A plan to update 122nd Ave in east Portland has taken a big step forward. After almost a year of collecting feedback, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has released the 122nd Ave draft project plan. It includes our first look … Read more