PBOT: There will be only three Sunday Parkways events in 2023

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has new plans for Sunday Parkways – and they may be disappointing to fans of the annual open streets event. This summer marked Sunday Parkways’ return for the first time since the pandemic began, but instead of the usual five in-person events held throughout the summer, there were only two … Read more

Get your bike ready for Parkways at PBOT’s East Portland Neighborhood Bike Fair this Sunday

How excited are you for August’s Sunday Parkways in east Portland? At the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s East Portland Neighborhood Bike Fair this Sunday (8/7), you can get set up with everything you’ll need to hit the streets on August 21st and have a blast at the final Sunday Parkways of the summer. The Bike … Read more

Sunday Parkways returns this weekend!

This Sunday, six miles of streets in Portland’s northeast Cully neighborhood will be free of cars and open to people walking, biking and rolling. That’s right: Sunday Parkways, Portland’s beloved annual summer open streets event, is back in-person after two years off and it’s almost time for the kickoff. During the last two summers, the … Read more