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Portland-based Ride App relaunches, hopes to amplify e-bike boom

As e-bike purchase incentive programs grow, having data to justify their impact could be key. “I think we have an opportunity to harness what’s happening with e-bikes and make it much more impactful.” – William Henderson, Ride App Ride App, a smartphone application started in Portland that automatically tracks bike rides, has relaunched after going … Read more

Tell TriMet how they should spend $183 million

TriMet, Portland’s regional transit agency, has plans for how to spend funds from the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) in the fiscal years 2024-2025. Now the agency wants your input on how they should use it. This funding amounts to about $183 million over two years and makes up just one portion of TriMet’s funding … Read more

The Street Trust seeks applicants for new ‘Hub’ coworking space

If you’re tired of working via Zoom from your living room, The Street Trust (TST) may have the perfect solution for you. The Portland transportation advocacy nonprofit just announced it’s launching a new project: a coworking space in the Lloyd Center – dubbed the “HUB” – where like-minded organizations can work alongside each other. According … Read more

Get your bike ready for Parkways at PBOT’s East Portland Neighborhood Bike Fair this Sunday

How excited are you for August’s Sunday Parkways in east Portland? At the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s East Portland Neighborhood Bike Fair this Sunday (8/7), you can get set up with everything you’ll need to hit the streets on August 21st and have a blast at the final Sunday Parkways of the summer. The Bike … Read more

PSU researchers: ‘Data fusion’ can help cities count bikes better

It’s always fun to see the Tilikum Crossing bike counter tick up as you pedal across the bridge, checking out how many other people have biked on the same route that day. But bike counters are an important tool beyond just novelty. People working to plan bike infrastructure projects – and acquire government funding and … Read more

Checking out the new(ish) Linwood Avenue path in Milwaukie

With all of Portland’s bike infrastructure projects to discuss, exciting developments in our neighboring cities don’t always get the attention they deserve. With this in mind, I headed down to Milwaukie yesterday to check out the relatively new SE Linwood Avenue multi-use paths, and I was impressed by what I saw. Linwood Ave is located … Read more

Four offset intersections, four different treatments

As a cyclist, these offset intersections annoy me. Portland’s street grid system is pretty tidy (with some glaring exceptions – I’m looking at you, Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition). But someone traveling around the city will notice there are places where streets join at a slight offset, which means you can’t go straight across an intersection … Read more

Central city boosters jump on bridge opening to push ‘Green Loop’ vision

Last weekend, one of Portland’s most ambitious planning projects got a big boost. With the Earl Blumenauer Bridge now open as a new carfree path across I-84, the Green Loop plan to connect a six-mile linear pathway through all four quadrants in Portland’s central city has closed a critical gap and the vision is more … Read more