Starting next month, car parking in the Lloyd will cost more during big events

PBOT says this is to “encourage less driving and more use of public transit, biking, and other means of transportation.” There are many transit options people can use to travel to the Lloyd District and attend a Trail Blazers game at the Moda Center or an event at the Convention Center. The Lloyd is one of the … Read more

5 things that might happen now that Oregon just slashed parking mandates

This article is by Sightline’s Michael Andersen and Catie Gould. On Thursday, Oregon approved the largest rollback to parking mandates in modern US history.  The unanimous vote by the state’s land use commission came through an unusual channel: an administrative action, ordered by the governor, that breathed new ambition into the broadly written land use … Read more

Why are parking mandates bad? YIMBYtown panelists count the ways

On days two and three of the YIMBYtown conference at Portland State University, parking and land-use experts from across the country shared insights on how our national overabundance of car parking leads to bad outcomes for people who specialize in all kinds of city planning topics. And based on the boisterous (and productive!) conversations that … Read more