Organizers call inaugural Native and Indigenous Bike Ride a success (Photo Gallery)

This story and photos by Jarrette Werk originally appeared on Underscore News Pedalpalooza’s first ride geared exclusively toward Native and Indigenous riders drew attendees from as far away as Arizona.Forty Native and Indigenous community members, ranging from young children to elders, plus a dog named Ocho, attended Pedalpalooza’s inaugural Native and Indigenous Bike Ride on … Read more

Carry Shit Olympics draws cargo bike enthusiasts to north Portland

The Carry Shit Olympics event drew a wonderful mix of people and bikes to Peninsula Park in north Portland Tuesday night. In true everything-is-a-cargo-bike spirit, some people showed up on bikes with pannier racks, there were a few traditional bakfiets front-loaders, a few longtails, a homemade rig, and even an electric, off-road trike with big … Read more

Oregon Humanities Pedalpalooza ride tells Portland’s ‘civic love’ stories

Given all the rumors of Portland’s downfall, it can be hard to remember there are so many people who love this city and actively work to make it a better place for everyone. Oregon Humanities wanted to highlight some of the ways people show their love for Portland, and what better way than a Pedalpalooza … Read more

Pedalpalooza ride explores what’s ‘in motion’ for north Portland

For many people who live outside of north Portland, the idea of getting up to the peninsula can seem daunting. Despite many destinations (the stunning St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park are particular standouts), this area may as well be a different city altogether for those who don’t want to make the trek. Distance is … Read more

It’s roller-palooza at Secret Roller Disco

The bike racks at Irvington Elementary School overflowed last Thursday night while music from DJs soothed souls and a wonderful collection of human beings came together to dance in colorful outfits while enjoying a perfect summer evening. And no, I’m not describing a Pedalpalooza ride. I’m describing Secret Roller Disco. Now in its second year, … Read more

Portland’s beloved bikeway art comes to life on Pedalpalooza ride (Video)

Pedalpalooza is saving Portland right now. Every day, people are coming together around shared passions and connecting on our streets with open arms. It’s exactly the kind of community-oriented, free fun so many of us need right now, and the Art in the Bike Lane Ride held on Saturday was a great example of this. … Read more