Podcast: Why reading names of crash victims matters

Ever been to a transportation-related government committee meeting where someone reads the names of recent traffic victims? It’s a practice that has become more common in Portland in recent years as agencies have adopted Vision Zero campaigns. I’m at meetings where this happens relatively often. It’s done at the outset of a meeting and I … Read more

Columbia Slough and Marine Drive path gaps to be filled with Metro bond funds

There were a lot of exciting Portland-area active transportation projects up for Metro funding through its 2025-2027 Regional Flexible Funds Allocation (RFFA) cycle, and not all of them were chosen. But Metro has other pots of money to dip into for regional projects, and they just announced how they’ll use $20 million from the 2019 … Read more

NP Greenway among 11 projects pegged for Metro flexible funding

“We believe the needs of our marginalized voices are being ignored. The disparity of funding that is coming out to Washington County is stark.” – Steve Callaway, Mayor of Hillsboro Last spring, we looked at some of the projects transportation agencies in the Portland metro area asked Metro to fund through their 2025-2027 Regional Flexible … Read more

With 6-1 vote, Metro Council endorses I-5 Columbia River Bridge project

Following a unanimous vote at the Portland City Council in favor of the current plan for the Interstate Bridge Replacement, the Oregon Metro Council voted 6 to 1 to do the same Thursday, with only staunch project critic Mary Nolan in dissent. The vote signals the incredible momentum that this $4-5 billion megaproject has as … Read more

PSU and Metro study shows active transportation investment helps the economy

“Projects are more likely to reach their full potential when they reduce the effects of an auto-oriented environment.” Have projects funded with Oregon Metro’s Regional Flexible Funds provided an economic return on investment? In partnership with Metro, Portland State University researchers embarked on a study to find out, and analyzed 12 of these projects funded … Read more