Policymakers hop on e-bikes for a tour of Portland

Thank you Amit Zinman (Bike Stuff on YouTube) for video coverage we based this story on. The effort to educate influencers and policymakers is a key strategy of electric bike advocates. Mix knowledge of power-assist with powerful people, the thinking goes, and they’ll assist you in making e-bikes take off faster than a Class 3 … Read more

City of Portland zoning code proposal for electric vehicle charging leaves out e-bikes

Last week, the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) released a new draft proposal for its Electric Vehicle Ready Code project, which would amend city zoning code to require electric vehicle charging at new multi-unit dwellings. But advocates for electric bikes – who frequently lament being left out of efforts to expand electric vehicle … Read more

Local e-bike advocates press on after losing out in Biden climate bill

The bill isn’t a complete loss for bike advocates, and there’s an expectation they’ll have another swing at the ball before the end of this year. The much-ballyhooed, $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that’s on its way to President Biden’s desk as I write this, is an unprecedented win on the front of the … Read more

Person with a dress riding a bike on the street.

Following fatal hit-and-run, coalition says rise in e-bike popularity must lead to safer infrastructure

“The increased popularity means greater demand on already subpar active transportation infrastructure that fails to meet our climate or safety requirements and goals.” – Electric Bikes For All coalition A broad coalition of business owners and nonprofit organizations who are pushing for more electric bicycle use in Oregon are sounding an alarm about the lack … Read more

E-bikes a better way to help people than cheaper gas, says Oregon Congressman Blumenauer

“I don’t want to sound like ‘Johnny-one-note’ with our cycling agenda, but burning calories instead of fossil fuel is something that will make a difference right now.” -Earl Blumenauer Thanks to inflation and the war in Ukraine, gas prices have hit record highs, and in the car-dependent United States, a lot of people across the … Read more