Podcast: Why reading names of crash victims matters

Ever been to a transportation-related government committee meeting where someone reads the names of recent traffic victims? It’s a practice that has become more common in Portland in recent years as agencies have adopted Vision Zero campaigns. I’m at meetings where this happens relatively often. It’s done at the outset of a meeting and I … Read more

Our calendar now lists key regional transportation committees

There are a lot of government advisory committees in the Portland area (too many, some might say) that are open to the public, several of which are extremely relevant to transportation issues. And while they don’t always sound thrilling to attend, a lot can go down at these meetings and they often have a big … Read more

Help Metro plan the next 25 years of regional transportation projects

Is there a transportation project you want to see built in the Portland region in the next 25 years? If so, it better be on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) – the strategy shaping Metro’s approach to transportation policy. Every five years, Metro develops a new plan, listing projects to prioritize for funding over the … Read more