Police inaction shows bike lane blockage in Tigard is no big deal

Officer Enzenberger sits in his patrol car (yellow arrow) across from illegally parked vehicles (red arrow).(Photos: Will Vanlue) As I was out riding this morning I passed by what is unfortunately a common sight in Tigard: landscaping trucks blocking the bike lane on Durham Road. What made today’s incident different was that a Tigard Police … Read more

The future of downtown Tigard: Sharrows, a bike lane, and raised crosswalks

Downtown Tigard will soon bemore welcoming to bicycle traffic.(Photos: Will Vanlue) This past summer, the City of Tigard completed improvements to Burnham Street, one component of their downtown core. Now they’re finalizing plans for Main Street (located along Highway 99, 10 miles south of downtown Portland), and by the summer of 2013 we’ll see improvements … Read more

Sidewalk in Tigard shows potential for suburban cycle tracks

Is this a cycle track?Not quite.(Photos: Will Vanlue) You may not think the city of Tigard (about 10 miles southwest of Portland) has anything in common with Amsterdam or Copenhagen. The latter two cities are world-renowned for their bicycle facilities while Tigard is known mostly for its freeways and shopping malls. But there is one … Read more