The future of downtown Tigard: Sharrows, a bike lane, and raised crosswalks

Downtown Tigard will soon bemore welcoming to bicycle traffic.(Photos: Will Vanlue) This past summer, the City of Tigard completed improvements to Burnham Street, one component of their downtown core. Now they’re finalizing plans for Main Street (located along Highway 99, 10 miles south of downtown Portland), and by the summer of 2013 we’ll see improvements … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Washington County to add a dozen mid-block crossings in 2012

In situations like this, where the Fanno Creek Trail meets a busy street, mid-block crossings are key.(Photo © J. Maus) When you’re riding around Washington County, off-street trails and paths serve as an important alternative to wide arterial roads with freeway-speed traffic. The only trouble comes when a trail or path intersects a road mid-block, … Read more