Another death on outer SE Stark, where a new traffic signal didn’t come soon enough

Another person is dead after using outer Southeast Stark Street. Portland Police say someone walking at SE 146th was hit and killed by a driver just before 7:00 am this morning. This is a recurring nightmare on Portland’s deadliest stretch of road. 13 people have died while traveling on a less than two mile long … Read more

A driver racing their car on SE Stark killed a woman waiting for the bus

“McGill was an innocent bystander walking in the area when she was struck by an out-of-control vehicle.” – Portland Police Bureau Note: This article contains opinions. Last night dozens of people gathered on Southeast Stark near 133rd to remember Ashlee McGill. The 26-year-old was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the Line 20 bus around … Read more

Four offset intersections, four different treatments

As a cyclist, these offset intersections annoy me. Portland’s street grid system is pretty tidy (with some glaring exceptions – I’m looking at you, Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition). But someone traveling around the city will notice there are places where streets join at a slight offset, which means you can’t go straight across an intersection … Read more