PBOT will break ground on East Burnside bus lane and new bike lane this week

This week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation begin work on the East Burnside Rose Lane project. This project is part of PBOT’s Central City in Motion (CCIM) plan to speed up transit and improve infrastructure for people biking and walking. A Rose Lane on east Burnside is being installed to improve transit times for TriMet bus … Read more

Four offset intersections, four different treatments

As a cyclist, these offset intersections annoy me. Portland’s street grid system is pretty tidy (with some glaring exceptions – I’m looking at you, Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition). But someone traveling around the city will notice there are places where streets join at a slight offset, which means you can’t go straight across an intersection … Read more

Bicycle rider dies in collision with driver on East Burnside and 122nd

A collision Thursday night (11/12) in the Hazelwood neighborhood resulted in the death of a male bicycle rider. It happened at the intersection of 122nd and Burnside. The incident was reported by the Portland Police Bureau without any reference to what type of road users were involved. When I mentioned the crash in a story … Read more