Weekly Video Roundup: Right-hook PSA, Red Hook in London, local mountain biking, and more

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Welcome to the weekly video roundup. The posting of this has been a little sporadic recently- sorry about that. I’m not promising it’ll be better, but at least I’m posting it now, right? After reviewing about 110 videos I’m starting this week with an old Tom Peterson commercial. He was a Portland legend in furniture sales and died recently. How does this relate to bikes? It doesn’t, really, but it’s “old Portland” and worth making an exception for. I remember him more from this era, “free is a very good price”. (hat tip to TB and MA for this)

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Here’s how Multnomah County promotes bicycling (video)

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The vast majority of stories about road projects and transportation policies we publish here on BikePortland are about the City of Portland. The Oregon Department of Transportation is probably in second and Metro would be a close third. And then, way behind them all is Multnomah County. Because the County doesn’t control many newsmaking bikeways and they don’t hold as much sway over important transportation policies as PBOT, ODOT, or Metro, we can go months without even mentioning them.

But don’t forget about Multnomah County!
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Dangerous, high-speed pass on neighborhood street caught on camera

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Still from video by T.Lavender/Vimeo

Question: What’s one way to know when people don’t feel safe riding bicycles? Answer: When a growing number of them feel like they need to ride with an on-board video camera.

Here in Portland (and nationwide), we’ve noticed a strong uptick in the amount of people who equip themselves with a camera every time they ride around the city. This trend is the result of three main things; the advent and availability of smaller, cheaper and higher-resolution cameras, the epidemic of distracted driving that has resulted in more dangerous and illegal driving behaviors; and a growing sense that the police can’t (or won’t) do their part to enforce the laws.

With video evidence, the thinking goes, if something does happen, at least someone will have a greater chance at justice in court.
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In new video, Portland Design Works shows ‘Community Works’

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Screen grab from ‘Community Works’.
– Watch it below –

It’s rare that I’ll give Front Page space to a company’s in-house promo video; but I love the latest one from Portland Design Works.

The new video by talented filmmaker James Wilson (who has done loads of great work for local bike causes and companies), documents a few of PDW’s recent forays into community service. As you might recall from coverage here on BikePortland, PDW gave the new Ventura Pump Track a big financial boost and they also funded and hosted the very fun Rider Appreciation Day (RAD) on North Williams Avenue. The video also features company co-owner Dan Powell making PB&Js for participants in the weekly MTB Short Track races out at Portland International Raceway.
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Bike N Hike’s new ‘I am Cyclist’ video

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Still from video.
-Watch it below-

Local shop Bike n Hike has launched a new, summer marketing campaign. The first big piece of it is a commercial titled, “I am Cyclist.”

The video was shot on location in Portland and produced by Reel Innovative. It features several characters (one of whom is a Bike N Hike employee) who share the various characteristics that make them a “cyclist.” Some of the most common biking stereotypes are represented including the roadie, the mountain biker, and the fixed gear rider. Each rider type shares a few things that makes them a “cyclist” and then proudly proclaims (with patriotic music in the background), “I am cyclist!”[Read more…]

Best thing I’ve seen all week: Evel Knieval bike commercial

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Mr. Knievel, bike salesman for AMF Wheel Goods

Before I head home to tend to two sick kids, I thought I’d share an awesome YouTube find. Behold, “EPIC Evel Knievel Bicycle commercial”…

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Video: East Portland pump track proves popular with kids

Avatar by on January 19th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Breathless and tired from riding,
this kid is why pump tracks rule.
(Still from video – Watch it below)

I just watched a video that, in just over one minute, makes the case for pump tracks better than anything I’ve ever read, seen, or heard. The video (watch it below) was shot by Northwest Trail Alliance President Tom Archer back in September and uploaded to the City’s website a few days ago. It shows a swarm of kids devouring the newly built Ventura Park Pump Track out in East Portland.

If you have a heart and you love bikes, I will guarantee this is the best thing you will watch all week…[Read more…]

New documentary on RAGBRAI (video)

Avatar by on July 11th, 2011 at 9:27 am

“A Million Spokes” is a new feature length documentary on the amazing RAGBRAI ride. Check the trailer below:

NYC video goes viral, highlights common bike lane problem

Avatar by on June 10th, 2011 at 8:57 am

Famed filmmaker Casey Neistat’s latest video creatively tackles the issue of riding in bike lanes in NYC (and getting ticketed for it). It’s so well done that the video has exploded on the web. Watch it below…

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PBOT unveils new “Beacon Buddies” animated video

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Still from “Beacon Buddies” video
produced by PBOT.
-Watch it below-

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has released a new animated video to educate the public about “rapid flash beacons.” As we reported back in November 2009 the beacons are PBOT’s preferred tool to improve the safety of mid-block crossings. Why? They’re cheap and they work.

At just $35,000 a piece, and study results that show a massive increase — from 18% to 80% — in the number of people who stop for someone crossing the road once they’re installed, the beacons are being rolled out at tricky crossings and on neighborhood greenway projects throughout the city.
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