Carry Shit Olympics draws cargo bike enthusiasts to north Portland

The Carry Shit Olympics event drew a wonderful mix of people and bikes to Peninsula Park in north Portland Tuesday night. In true everything-is-a-cargo-bike spirit, some people showed up on bikes with pannier racks, there were a few traditional bakfiets front-loaders, a few longtails, a homemade rig, and even an electric, off-road trike with big knobby tires.

The event was organized by Zack Reinhardt (@zackpizzabikes on Instagram), a 30-year old cargo bike evangelist who moved to Portland from Pennsylvania three-and-a-half years ago. “I basically just wanted to put on a cargo bike race a little bit more relaxed and underground than DRT [Disaster Relief Trials, the large-scale event that happened back in June],” he told me at a checkpoint along the route.

Here are just some of the bikes that showed up:

The mix of riders was amazing to see. Several folks showed up with kids in tow and my estimate on the age-range was 6-60+ (see them in the video below). They received a manifest at the start and had to navigate to checkpoints throughout north Portland from Overlook Park to Kelley Point Park. At those stops they had to pick up a variety of cargo. There were extra points for filling up a bag with trash found along the way, or for interesting ground scores.

Why put on an event like this? For Reinhardt, it was just an excuse to have fun on a summer weeknight in Portland during Pedalpalooza. But there’s also an advocacy element:

“I think cargo bikes really have the potential to really change how people live, and they have the potential to save the world, change how a lot of people are living, change how we go about our lives, both in the city and outside the city. So I think this is a good way to kind of show folks what those kind of bikes are capable of.”

At the end spot on a beach in Kelley Point Park, Reinhardt tallied up the scores and volunteer Anthony Dryer was there to grab photos of a few of the winners:

Check out a few more actions shots in the gallery below:

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7 months ago

Great pics! It’s awesome to see the range from home-built (look like Tom’s) cargo bikes, all the way up to high end e-assist Bullitts. The trike/truck box trailer is awesome. Everyone’s having fun, even kids too. Great!

Jean C
Jean C
6 months ago

Would be interested in bringing my children to this event if it didn’t have such a crude name. The organizers would do well to ditch the potty talk – most of us grew out of such language by the time we could afford our first cargo bikes.

6 months ago
Reply to  Jean C

Speak for yourself. The winning team was a father/daughter duo and there were a bunch of other kids around. Cargo bikes aren’t just for families, us child-free heathens like to carry stuff too.