Climate Resiliency Ride explores unequal impacts of tree shade

The heat dome that enveloped the Pacific Northwest last June was catastrophic and traumatic for people across the region. Temperatures skyrocketed to unprecedented heights: on June 28, 2021, Portland heat reached an average of 116 degrees. This surpassed not only local records, but also shot past the historic high in Dallas, Texas. At the time, … Read more

Portland’s top traffic signal staffer takes bike advocates for a ride

Good urban planning means the average person traveling around a city doesn’t need to know anything about what went into designing it – they can just get around intuitively. Peter Koonce, who manages the traffic signals and street lighting division at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, is keenly aware of this. Koonce and his team … Read more

‘Bike Play: Beyond Velodrome’ is Pedalpalooza’s must-see event

Of the many creations inspired by Pedalpalooza over the years, perhaps none is more special than Bike Play.  The event/ride is an original play written for Pedalpalooza that includes professional acting, multiple scenes, and original song and dance numbers. The stages are parks, parking lots, and other public spaces and the audience rides alongside the … Read more