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A new bike path into Mt. Tabor Park is coming into focus

Avatar by on October 20th, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Latest design drawing for changes to Mt. Tabor Yard (I added pink at location of new bike path).

Mt. Tabor Park is a gem of southeast Portland. But if you live south of the park you’re all but shutout from easy access. Now the parks bureau is zeroing in on a design for a new public access point from SE Division Street at 64th that will include a bike path.

Finally the South Tabor neighborhood will have convenient access to its namesake park.
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Speak up for a new path into Mt. Tabor Park from Division Street

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Purple line shows approximate location of proposed path. SE Division Street is at the bottom and Mt. Tabor is in the upper right.

Purple line shows approximate location of proposed path. SE Division Street is at the bottom and Mt. Tabor is in the upper right.

Mt. Tabor Park is finally slated to get a rolling and walking path that would provide a much-needed entrance from Southeast Division street and the City of Portland needs to hear your support to make it happen.
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Residents hope the time has finally come for new path to Mt. Tabor Park

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A committee formed by neighborhood residents wants the City to (finally) fund a new path that would connect neighborhoods south of Division to Mt. Tabor Park.
(Graphic: Committee to Improve Access to Mt Tabor Park)

Southeast Portland’s Mt. Tabor Park is one of the most popular open spaces in the entire region — especially for the neighborhoods that border its 190 acres of wooded groves, view points, trails, roads, and picnic areas. Multiple park entrances offer easy access from the north, west, and east; but residents south of the park aren’t so lucky. Now there’s an effort to change that.[Read more…]

Popular trail at Mt. Tabor Park now signed “No Bikes” – UPDATED

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Trail use conflicts continue to plague one of Portland’s most popular urban sanctuaries: Mt. Tabor Park. For many years, the several miles of narrow singletrack trails looping around the park have been known as a fun place to ride a mountain bike. But, given the park’s urban setting and natural beauty, the crowded trails are also known as a place where user conflicts are common.

Last year I reported that complaints about trail conflicts between people walking and biking, led to the installation of a new “No Bicycles Please” sign on the Green Trail. The Green Trail is a 1.7 mile loop and is one of three trail loops that circumnavigates the park. Earlier this week a reader contacted me saying that several more signs had recently gone up.
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New signs clarify “No Bicycles Please” on Mt. Tabor trail

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A new sign greets visitors to the
Green Trail in Mt. Tabor Park.
(Photo: Harrison Fishback)

About a week ago, new signs appeared on a popular dirt trail in Mt. Tabor Park that read, “No Bicycles Please.”

The new signs are on what’s known as the ‘Green Trail’ in the northern section of the park. The trail connects via Salmon Street and goes around the playground and amphitheater.

We heard about the signs from readers and we were also pointed to a thread in the forums about the issue. In a city like Portland, where singletrack is rare, any narrow dirt trails accessible to bikes are coveted. On the MTBR forums there was disappointment at the signs and confusion over whether or not they were legitimate.

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