Who is Mt. Tabor’s moto man?

Dan the moto man at Mt. Tabor last Wednesday.
(Photo: Greg Schmitt)

(Please welcome new contributor Hannah Moraes! You might recall her post-race interviews from the Red R Crit last week.)

A motorcycle rider on Mt. Tabor? During the weekly bike race?

After a collision between a rider and skateboarder brought an abrupt end to the third week of the Mt. Tabor Race Series on June 16th, attendees and organizers were worried about future incidents in the final weeks of the series. With an open course, volunteers placed at intersections do their best to keep the myriad other summertime mountain-goers from interfering with the race.

However, one person saw an opportunity to step up and offer an additional measure of safety that hadn’t previously been used: a moto-pacer that would stay ahead of each race to make sure the road was clear of pedestrians and party-goers alike.

I caught up with Moto Man after last week’s race. He revealed himself to be Dan, who happens to be husband to another important player in Oregon bike racing, women’s cycling advocate and Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Board Member Christy Hawk. Dan graciously agreed to an interview right after he got off his bike after a long evening of work.

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