Local e-bike advocates press on after losing out in Biden climate bill

The bill isn’t a complete loss for bike advocates, and there’s an expectation they’ll have another swing at the ball before the end of this year. The much-ballyhooed, $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that’s on its way to President Biden’s desk as I write this, is an unprecedented win on the front of the … Read more

The Blumenauer Bridge is finally open, and its namesake is bullish on biking’s future

Though people have been sneaking across it for a week (and thousands prematurely maneuvered it at the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday night), yesterday was the first chance for folks to officially ring in the opening of the Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, and though it was a searing hot day Sunday, … Read more

Blumenauer Bridge set to open Sunday: Here’s your guide to the festivities

The opening of a carfree bridge across I-84 in Portland’s central city that’s named after a former city transportation commissioner and founder of the Congressional Bike Caucus is a very big deal. The Lloyd and the Central Eastside will never be the same again! So it’s fitting that there are a ton of activities lined … Read more

E-bikes a better way to help people than cheaper gas, says Oregon Congressman Blumenauer

“I don’t want to sound like ‘Johnny-one-note’ with our cycling agenda, but burning calories instead of fossil fuel is something that will make a difference right now.” -Earl Blumenauer Thanks to inflation and the war in Ukraine, gas prices have hit record highs, and in the car-dependent United States, a lot of people across the … Read more

U.S. House-approved ‘INVEST in America Act’ includes $18 million for Portland road projects

U.S. Congressman and former Portland city commissioner Earl Blumenauer took a walk on Southeast 82nd Avenue on Friday to highlight a $5 million federal investment into the beleaguered road. The visit came a week after Blumenauer and his colleagues in the House of Representatives voted 221 to 201 to pass the INVEST in America Act, … Read more