Non-police traffic camera bill passes Oregon Senate committee

A high priority bill for the Portland Bureau of Transportation has taken another step forward in the Oregon Legislature. House Bill 4105 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday by a vote of 4 to 3. It passed the Oregon House last week. The bill would give cities the authority to take oversight of automated … Read more

Bill to allow non-police staff to process traffic camera tickets passes Oregon House

The City of Portland’s dream to remove police officer oversight of automated traffic cameras took a big step closer to reality this week. House Bill 4105, which would allow non-police bureau staff to review and process traffic camera images and citations, passed the Oregon House by a vote of 32 to 23 on Tuesday. The … Read more

Bill would allow non-police agent to review traffic camera citations

A new bill in the Oregon Legislature would remove a major barrier to the use of automated photo radar cameras. Current Oregon law requires that every citation issued by a fixed speed camera must be reviewed by a sworn police officer. While well-intentioned, this statute has led to delays in citation processing, higher personnel costs … Read more

800 citations in 17 days: Tigard mayor connects dots from speeding to traffic deaths

It only took 17 days for Tigard’s two new traffic enforcement cameras to rack up over 800 citations. And just a few minutes for that city’s mayor to draw a line between this rampant, normalized lawlessness and death. The new cameras started issuing citations on July 14th at 72nd Avenue and at Hall Boulevard on … Read more