lincoln-harrison neighborhood greenway

A closer look at the reconfigured, painted, and calmed Lincoln-Harrison-30th intersection

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PBOT touts ‘significant success’ of traffic calming project on Lincoln-Harrison

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Let PBOT know what you think of changes to Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway

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New diverters on Ankeny and Lincoln part of plan to keep drivers off side streets

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Lincoln-Harrison project supporters find “X” spray-painted outside homes

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PBOT unveils new design for greenway update at SE Lincoln/Harrison and 30th

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New ‘Friends of Safer Lincoln’ group hits the street to defend a greenway

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After outcry, City changes plans and makes stronger case for Lincoln-Harrison greenway update

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PBOT “still committed” to Lincoln-Harrison project despite aggressive opposition at open house

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Reports: PBOT’s Lincoln-Harrison greenway meeting goes off the rails

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