NW Pettygrove greenway to change 11th and 12th avenues into one-way streets for drivers

From Portland Bureau of Transportation. See original statement here. (October 21, 2022) The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) plans to change NW Pettygrove Street between NW 11th and 12th avenues into one-way westbound for vehicle travel as part of the NW Pettygrove Neighborhood Greenway project on Sunday, October 23. This traffic pattern change will prevent eastbound vehicle travel … Read more

A closer look at PBOT’s design for NE 7th and Tillamook

The Portland Bureau of Transportation released their final striping plan for the redesign of Northeast Tillamook and 7th yesterday. For some reason, despite announcing the start of a project to remove the existing traffic circle on this offset intersection earlier this month, they hadn’t released the plans for what they’d put down in its place. … Read more

The greenway prevails: PBOT will install diverter on NE Fremont at Alameda

The Portland Bureau of Transportation will move forward with a pilot of a full median traffic diverter on Northeast Alameda at Fremont. The move comes after months of back-and-forth with the Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association after they voted against the idea back in March. At issue is an effort to improve safety on Fremont, a neighborhood … Read more

Diamonds (and bike-friendly speed bumps) are a rider’s best friend on Michigan Ave neighborhood greenway

When we think of what makes a great neighborhood greenway we often think of anything that reduces the speed and/or volume of cars. But just as important as who bike riders share the street with is the surface of the street itself. Large potholes, cracks and uneven bits are not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, they … Read more

PBOT will hand out 1,000 free yard signs to promote neighborhood greenways

Portlanders love yard signs and neighborhood greenways and a new initiative from the Bureau of Transportation wants to take full of advantage of it. About 25,000 people who live on our 110-mile network of neighborhood greenways citywide received a postcard in the mail this week that exclaims: “You Live on a Neighborhood Greenway!” The postcard … Read more

PBOT makes big changes to NE Hancock in Hollywood District

The Tillamook neighborhood greenway, which extends east-west across northeast Portland just three blocks north of Broadway, is one of the city’s oldest, and it’s a key bikeway for people traveling through bustling neighborhoods like Grant Park and Hollywood. Unfortunately, Tillamook has become so bustling around NE 33rd and Grant Park, that it’s no longer the … Read more