TriMet Corner: Artist J. Shea adds color to Orenco bike and ride facility

Artist J. Shea has added some flair to the new Orenco bike and ride facility.
(Photos: Jeff Owen/TriMet)
Jeff Owen.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

Publisher’s note: We’re trying something new. We’ve invited TriMet Senior Planner Jeff Owen to write a guest column (tentatively named “TriMet Corner” unless you have a better idea). Owen was hired by TriMet in 2012 as their active transportation planner and brings a ton of experience to the table. He also happens to be a very nice guy who’s dedicated to his work in making our transit system work better for bicycle users. This is his first article for BikePortland.

This past June TriMet hired a local artist to breathe life and art into the interior of our new Orenco Station Bike & Ride facility.

TriMet’s Bike & Rides offer an option for secure bike parking on one end of your commute. They eliminate the worry of bringing your bike on-board crowded trains or buses, only to find the spaces filled.

Now, thanks to the TriMet Public Art Program and a very talented local artist, the Orenco Bike & Ride really stands out from the crowd.

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Bike share stations on transit mall and city parks land? TriMet says yes, Parks Bureau says no

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward
possible biketown station locations

Possible station locations downtown. No sites are proposed for Waterfront Park (the green strip on the left of the river).
(Image from the city’s feedback website)

Though other cities have seen some memorable freakouts about the prospect of bike sharing stations, Portland hasn’t yet heard many loud complaints that Biketown stations would begrime beloved public spaces.

TriMet, for example, said last week that although it doesn’t allow blue bike “staple” racks on its downtown transit mall (more on that below), it won’t have a problem with orange bikes being parked there.

But so far, there’s one major city department that’s been keeping its distance from bike sharing: Portland Parks and Recreation.

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Meet Jeff Owen, TriMet’s new Active Transportation Planner

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward
Annual BAC facility tour-26

Jeff Owen is the new bike guy at TriMet.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

There’s a new planning position within TriMet that deals solely with bicycling and walking and Jeff Owen is the man they’ve chosen for the job. This is great news.

Jeff comes to the position with top qualifications and loads of experience. Prior to starting at TriMet back in July (he replaces former bike guy Colin Maher who left in November), Jeff was the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Wilsonville/SMART Transit. Jeff joined us for the Bicycle Advisory Committee ride on Tuesday night and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to share a bit more about him and the work he’s doing at TriMet.

I sent Jeff a few questions to answer via email and I’ve published his responses below…

What is your title and what are your general responsibilities at TriMet?

My title is Active Transportation Planner. The short description is to have a key role in the planning, development and implementation of active transportation projects, as well as strengthening partnerships with other jurisdictions, community-based organizations such as BTA and WPC, and the private sector to ensure growing investment in Active Transportation and access to transit.

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