PSU researchers: ‘Data fusion’ can help cities count bikes better

It’s always fun to see the Tilikum Crossing bike counter tick up as you pedal across the bridge, checking out how many other people have biked on the same route that day. But bike counters are an important tool beyond just novelty. People working to plan bike infrastructure projects – and acquire government funding and … Read more

Google streetview of freeway offramp near tent encampment.

PSU planning students share ‘promising practices’ to reduce crashes near homeless camps

“Cities have shown they have the capacity and resources to quickly adapt to new crises. These adaptations need to prioritize vulnerable communities and underserved areas.” According to a report by the City of Portland released last year, 19 out of the 27 people killed in a traffic crash while walking on Portland’s streets last year … Read more

PSU teams with community on Portsmouth safety project

A mini-roundabout could be coming to a dangerous intersection in the Portsmouth neighborhood of north Portland later this year thanks to an inspiring partnership between the César Chávez K-8 School community and Portland State University. The intersection of North Portsmouth and Willis has been known for years as a hotspot for crashes and near misses. … Read more