Abundance of ‘third places’ make Dutch cities more enjoyable

Yesterday I wrote about Amsterdam’s effort to replace on-street car parking spots with urban greenery and bike parking, an initiative partly meant to create more public spaces in the city for people to enjoy. And as I pointed out in that story, residents of Amsterdam’s city center are not necessarily wanting for urban parks as … Read more

Downtown plaza gets federal funding boost as PBOT eyes more violence interventions citywide

“Plazas like these will help us make Portland a more inclusive, equitable place, and help grow our small businesses and cultural destinations.” – Jo Ann Hardesty, city commissioner When the pandemic threatened to shutter local restaurants that didn’t have the space for patrons to safely spread out while eating and drinking, some were able to … Read more

Ditch your car for ‘Week Without Driving’, World Carfree Day

In a society where driving everywhere is the norm, people who don’t drive very often – or at all – are seen as strange or radical. But what’s truly radical is not even trying to do something else. Disability Rights Washington (DRW) is promoting a statewide ‘Week Without Driving’ challenge starting Monday, and many of … Read more

Mt. Scott-Arleta residents celebrate vibrant plaza on formerly violent street

“This slip lane was being used for drive-bys and a lot of violent activities.” – Nadine Salama, resident It’s rare that a sitting Portland city commissioner will dance at a public event. Rarer still when it’s in the middle of what used to be a street known for regular shootings and traffic-related violence. But that’s … Read more

‘Carfree Keller’ pop-up coming to downtown Portland this fall

In an area of downtown Portland currently heavy with car traffic, planners see the potential for a place comparable to the great European city centers, with pedestrian-focused plazas and plenty of green space. A project designed by four Portland State University students – Emily D’Antonio, Ryan Martyn, Michel Rojas and Aidan Simpson – aims to … Read more