Class action lawsuit says City of Portland violates ADA law by not keeping sidewalks clear

“The City has failed and continues to fail to maintain its sidewalks clear of debris and tent encampments, which is necessary to make its sidewalks readily accessible to people with mobility disabilities.” – Tozer (et al) v City of Portland The City of Portland must clear its sidewalks of tents and campers so that people … Read more

Mayor Wheeler bans street camping along Safe Routes to School routes

Summer vacation is coming to an end and the start of school for kids K-12 kids in Portland is just around the corner. In an ostensible effort to help children safely walk, bike and roll to school this upcoming academic year, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made an emergency declaration to ban unhoused people from camping … Read more

Biking through downtown Portland’s network of social services

Most of the Bike Loud PDX Portland ‘policy rides’ Cathy Tuttle has led so far this year have focused specifically on bike or transportation policy. Last month, for instance, Tuttle recruited Portland Bureau of Transportation’s signals manager Peter Koonce to lead a tour of Central City traffic signals, and the month before, the Parking Reform … Read more

Google streetview of freeway offramp near tent encampment.

PSU planning students share ‘promising practices’ to reduce crashes near homeless camps

“Cities have shown they have the capacity and resources to quickly adapt to new crises. These adaptations need to prioritize vulnerable communities and underserved areas.” According to a report by the City of Portland released last year, 19 out of the 27 people killed in a traffic crash while walking on Portland’s streets last year … Read more