Mayor validates Commissioner Hardesty’s approach in new gun violence plan

“We’re just trying to bring all hands on deck to use every tool we have to to address the drivers for this kind of gun violence.” – Stephanie Howard, Mayor Wheeler’s director of community safety When Portland Transportation Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty used traffic calming tools to address a spate of gun violence in the … Read more

portland mayor ted wheeler looking into the camera at a meeting

Portland mayor says induced demand only matters if vehicles pollute

“Induced demand only matters if you’re creating an induced demand for carbon-based vehicles that pollute.” – Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has some interesting ideas about induced demand. In fact, if you care about building healthy and vibrant cities, his ideas are downright troubling. For the uninitiated, induced demand is a … Read more

Mayor Wheeler, Commissioner Rubio announce $2.4 million climate change investment

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Carmen Rubio are calling a plan to spend $2.4 million an on climate change-related work an “unprecedented investment” that will enable them to “take accelerated, aggressive climate action rooted in racial justice.” Rubio, who oversees the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, said in a press release this morning … Read more