Beaverton Safe Routes to School report shows less bus use, but more walking and rolling

Students and parents spent more than a year dealing with the complexities of virtual learning during the pandemic. When schools went back to in-person status, families had a lot to adjust to and reconsider – including how to get to-and-from school. Throughout this adjustment period, the Beaverton School District (BSD) has worked to beef up … Read more

Front of elementary school with a yellow bus and bikes and people parked.

Oregon cities receive state grants to make it easier to walk and bike to school

School’s almost out for summer vacation for many students in Oregon. But transportation planners in their cities and school districts are already thinking past Labor Day, eager to make it easier for students and parents to use active transportation to get to school. Through the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program, school … Read more

Safe Routes to School says: ‘Take the keys out of the ignition’

Gentlepeople, stop your engines. The Beaverton School District’s (BSD) Safe Routes to School program is promoting an anti-idling campaign, encouraging students and parents to lead efforts against car idling during student drop-off and pick-up time. Safe Routes to School, a national initiative to make it safe and fun for kids to walk and bike to … Read more

Family Biking: Volunteer for new middle-schooler community rides

Cycling education in local schools isn’t new — the City of Portland has been helping students learn bike safety skills since 2005. With partners like The Street Trust, the transportation bureau educates hundreds of elementary students through their Safe Routes to School program. This year they plan to graduate the program up to middle school.