E-bikes a better way to help people than cheaper gas, says Oregon Congressman Blumenauer

“I don’t want to sound like ‘Johnny-one-note’ with our cycling agenda, but burning calories instead of fossil fuel is something that will make a difference right now.” -Earl Blumenauer Thanks to inflation and the war in Ukraine, gas prices have hit record highs, and in the car-dependent United States, a lot of people across the … Read more

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Blumenauer unveils his ‘Gas Price Relief Act of 2008’

Rep. Blumenauer at this morning’s press conference.Video below(Photos © J. Maus) Ending speculation since the announcement on Friday, U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer was in Portland this morning (sans bowtie) to deliver some “straight talk” about energy policy and unveil a bill that will help cure America’s ailing transportation policies. Expensive oil and gas prices, he … Read more