Policymakers hop on e-bikes for a tour of Portland

Thank you Amit Zinman (Bike Stuff on YouTube) for video coverage we based this story on. The effort to educate influencers and policymakers is a key strategy of electric bike advocates. Mix knowledge of power-assist with powerful people, the thinking goes, and they’ll assist you in making e-bikes take off faster than a Class 3 … Read more

Colorado’s impressive push for e-bike riders has Oregon advocates inspired

The state of Colorado is pedaling circles around other states and local governments when it comes to getting its residents on electric bikes. And Oregon advocates are envious. Rachel Hultin, sustainable transportation director at nonprofit Bicycle Colorado, shared an update on their efforts at Portland’s Electric Bikes for All working group meeting last week. From … Read more

Local e-bike advocates press on after losing out in Biden climate bill

The bill isn’t a complete loss for bike advocates, and there’s an expectation they’ll have another swing at the ball before the end of this year. The much-ballyhooed, $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that’s on its way to President Biden’s desk as I write this, is an unprecedented win on the front of the … Read more

Person with a dress riding a bike on the street.

Following fatal hit-and-run, coalition says rise in e-bike popularity must lead to safer infrastructure

“The increased popularity means greater demand on already subpar active transportation infrastructure that fails to meet our climate or safety requirements and goals.” – Electric Bikes For All coalition A broad coalition of business owners and nonprofit organizations who are pushing for more electric bicycle use in Oregon are sounding an alarm about the lack … Read more

Oregon e-bike advocacy group looks to host rides to educate policymakers

Oregon is home to many electric bike businesses and believers. But so far, the revolutionary vehicles have failed to crack into the mainstream political discourse. Now a group of e-bike advocates will take concrete steps to change that by getting legislators and policymakers into the saddle. Electric Bikes For All (EB4A) is a group that’s … Read more