One of Portland’s hottest restaurants is powered by an electric cargo bike

It’s been a beloved Mississippi Avenue centerpiece for years, but thanks to a recent feature on Netflix’s “Chef’s Table: Pizza,” Portland pizza and ice cream joint Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is even buzzier — and much busier — than usual right now. The Netflix episode focuses on restaurant owner and chef Sarah Minnick and the creative, … Read more

Portland cargo trike delivery company saved nearly 40,000 gallons of gas last year

Portland-based B-Line has stood the test of time. And they also stand as an excellent illustration of how pedal-powered cargo trikes can have a positive, climate-friendly impact on urban freight delivery. In 2020, the B-Line crew pedaled their fleet of electric-assisted trikes a total of 573,160 miles. That’s just one of the eye-popping stats in … Read more