Builders, crowds impress at handmade bicycle show

Crowds were thick all day.View slideshow below(Photos © Jonathan Maus) I still can’t decide what was more impressive at yesterday’s Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show; the crowds or the builders. One of the event organizers, Austin Ramsland, says that over 1,800 people attended the show. They were treated to an unprecedented display of building prowess from … Read more

Freak bikes, minis will take part in Oregon Handmade Bike Show

Tackling the hill on a freaky mini.(Photo © Jonathan Maus) Coming up in November is the first-ever Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show. Among the 25 vendors are some of Oregon’s most talented bicycle craftsmen. Several well-known custom bike makers from Portland will be exhibiting. But in addition to the usual suspects, and in a nod to … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Cafe takes bike theme to new level: The Zoobomb Sandwich

What’ll you have? You might remember when I shared the news of The Little Red Bike Cafe back in July. The new eatery just opened and word has spread about their bike-centric menu. As you can see in the graphic at right, they’ve got a breakfast sandwich called the Zoobomb, named after that fun-loving group … Read more