Former PBOT Commish Eudaly is back with ‘Street Wonk’ media outlet

I’ve been wondering for a while now: “What happened to Chloe Eudaly?” Now I know. The former Portland City Commissioner and head of the transportation bureau left office with some very choice words for “the bike community” (and for me personally, but whatever) after losing a re-election bid to Mingus Mapps in 2020. After that, … Read more

A quippy slogan has galvanized the ‘ban cars movement’

It’s impossible to explain the crusade to reform the American transportation system with a quippy slogan. But a successful movement needs a catchy tagline, and some bike and transit activists have settled on “ban cars” as the t-shirt and sticker-worthy phrase to summarize their ideology. To the average car-dependent American, however, the rallying cry comes … Read more

NY Times screengrab that says: "Can portland be a climate leader without reducing driving."

Portland’s freeway fight gets its due with major story in The New York Times

It’s a huge day for Portland transportation reformers who want Oregon to more quickly adapt to a future where freeway expansions don’t happen and we finally break off our dysfunctional relationship with cars. Activists who’ve spent years fighting against the negative impacts of our region’s car overuse problem woke up to a major story in … Read more

Willamette Week highlights ODOT’s deceptive Rose Quarter freeway expansion plans

It’s one thing for critiques of a project to swirl around transportation and advocacy circles; it’s another thing when a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter hops onto the story. That’s what happened today with the Willamette Week’s publication of an article titled Questions About the Footprint of the I-5 Rose Quarter Project Intensify. The news that ODOT … Read more