Transportation Time Machine: TriMet bike permits

Everyone who takes long multimodal trips knows the routine: before leaving the house, double-check to make sure you have your keys, wallet, and TriMet bike permit. Right? Well, that last one isn’t necessary anymore. But some commenters on our recent throwback article about what bike advocacy looked like at the beginning of the millennium reminded … Read more

1967 National Road Championships were ‘Portland’s Finest Hour’

Cover of October 1967 American Cycling magazineshows the nation’s top racers at Alpenrose Velodrome.(Photos by Peter Hoffman) While many people think of only bike commuters and naked rides when the topic of cycling in Portland comes up, our city also has a proud tradition when it comes to racing. We shared a glimpse of that … Read more

Bicycle license tax, separated bikeways in Oregon’s 1901 ‘Bicycle Path Bill’

“… it being the object and intent of this act to provide for pedestrians and bicycles a highway separate from that used by teams and horsemen.”— Excerpt from House Bill 63 The more I read about Oregon’s tenth governor, T.T. Geer, the more intriguing this man becomes. As we shared back in 2009, Governor Geer … Read more