Get smart on the BAC bike ride

[City bike coordinatorRoger Geller.] You’re not officially a bike geek until you’ve spent an evening with the 13 super-volunteers that make up the Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC advises City Council and various city bureaus on bike-related matters and holds monthly public meetings “to review projects of interest to cyclists and discuss bike … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

BTA’s bike boulevard tour stops in Eugene

[Eugene planner Rob Inerfeld and the BTABicycle Boulevard Team.] The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is in the midst of a two-year bicycle boulevard campaign. They’re trying to figure out where to put them, how to educate other advocates about them and most importantly, they’re trying to come up with a clear vision for what these boulevards … Read more

Trail plan adopted by City Council

[Commissioners listen to presentation.] Yesterday the Parks Department presented their Regional Recreational Trails Strategy to the Portland City Council. In attendance was a who’s who list of Portland’s trail advocates including; Scott Bricker from the BTA, Gail Snyder from Friends of Forest Park, Bob Akers, Barbara Walker and Walter Valenta from the 40-mile Loop Land … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Survey hopes to improve Lloyd District, Rose Quarter access

[Roger Geller at the Rose Quarter.] The Lloyd District Transportation Management Association (LDTMA) has conducted a survey of cyclists to determine potential solutions to a major problem in our bikeway network; getting through the Lloyd District and Rose Quarter. The Rose Quarter is the name given to the jumbled mix of MAX, bus, bike and … Read more