Carnage: Three hospitalized in Foster wreck; Driver slams into house on Skidmore – UPDATED

KATU jokes in their headline, but this is no laughing matter. The carnage on Portland’s streets show no signs of letting up. In the past 24 hours alone, three people failing to control their cars has led to serious injuries and significant property damage. At about 8:15 pm last night, the Portland Police reported that … Read more

Oregonian: Man who backed into Mike Luther gets probation

Wayne Thompson(Photo: Mult. Co. Sheriff) Wayne Conrad Thompson, who was initially charged with First Degree Assault for backing his car into Mike Luther in a parking lot in August 2009, was sentenced with only probation yesterday. The Oregonian has the story: “A 35-year-old driver who struck a bicyclist while reversing his SUV was sentenced to … Read more

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Man who intentionally ran over Mike Luther found guilty of assault

Wayne Thompson.(Photo: Multnomah County) Wayne Thompson, the man who intentionally backed up his car over Mike Luther after an argument in a parking lot, was found guilty today. Here’s more from KPTV: “An SUV driver who was suspected in a collision that left a bicyclist in critical condition was found guilty Monday of third-degree assault, … Read more