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Survey: Majority of Seattleites like bikes, ride bikes, want more bikes

Seattle wants more of them.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) An ongoing “bike backlash” and “war on cars” pushed by the local media, biking as a wedge-issue in political campaigns, fear from politicians about doing “too much” for bikes — sounds like Portland right? Well, Seattle (not to mention New York City and many others) suffers from … Read more

Metro ‘Opt-In’ survey results show big interest in bicycling

Survey says. Give us more!(© BikePortland) A Metro ‘Opt-In’ survey on active transportation shows that a majority of respondents from around the region feel it’s important to make greater investments in dedicated bicycle infrastructure. The survey, which was answered by 3,865 members of the Opt-In feedback panel, was to help inform in Metro’s first ever … Read more

City Auditor’s Community Survey gauges bike safety, mode splits

Results of 2011 Auditor’s Community Survey. The City of Portland Auditor’s Office released results of their 2011 Community Survey this morning. The survey gauged Portlanders feelings on a number of City services, from public safety and the quality of parks, to transportation. In addition to qualitative questions about how safe people feel while bicycling, the … Read more