City’s Bike Advisory Committee steps back from Saltzman proposal

Download BAC letter (PDF) The City of Portland’s Bicycle Advisory Committee — a 13 member group that advises the City on “bicycle-related matters” — has released their letter in response to Commissioner Dan Saltzman’s Bike Plan funding proposal. The BAC initially intended to draft a letter in support of Saltzman’s idea (after he pitched it … Read more

City lays out priority project list for new bike funding

Riders on Williams could get a wider bike lane with new city funding.(Photo © J. Maus) City planners are working to determine which projects should be funded with the new, $500,000 “Affordable Transporation Fund” included in Mayor Adam’s budget. The money — which is to be dedicated specifically to bikeway network improvements — became available … Read more

Naito project will remove auto lane, connect bikeway, and more

PBOT plan drawings for bike and ped improvements to NW Naito Parkway under Steel Bridge. Big changes are coming to what is currently a very unfriendly intersection for anyone that’s not in a car. The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation recently received the final bit of funding for a $408,000 project that should drastically … Read more

Committee also ‘very disappointed’ at lack of bike funding

This letter from October 2006 urges Commissioners to bump up bike spending.(Click to enlarge) Now that City of Portland Transportation Commissioner Sam Adams’ has told the Willamette Week about his dissatisfaction with the amount of money PDOT spends on bikes, I thought I would share a bit of background on the issue. (This is a … Read more

The Bicycle Advisory Committee wants you!

The PBAC in action.(Photo: Jonathan Maus) If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with Portland’s bike movement, now is your chance. The Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (or PBAC in wonky circles) is officially seeking new members. I’ve reported about PBAC many times in the past, but in case you’re still wondering what they do, here’s … Read more

RiverPlace path bike access on committee agenda tonight

The sign that started it all has been removed by Parks Bureau officials.(Photo: Matt Picio) Tonight’s Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) meeting will take up the issue of bicycle access along the Willamette Greenway Trail at RiverPlace. The issue came to a head when a member of a condominium owners association allegedly placed a “No … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Committee hears case for mountain biking in Portland

A packed meeting room at City Hall for last night’s Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting.File photo: 5/8/07 Symbolic of the pent-up demand for more mountain biking in Portland, nearly 40 people crammed into the Lovejoy Room inside City Hall last night for the most crowded Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) meeting I’ve ever attended. The agenda … Read more

Get smart on the BAC bike ride

[City bike coordinatorRoger Geller.] You’re not officially a bike geek until you’ve spent an evening with the 13 super-volunteers that make up the Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC advises City Council and various city bureaus on bike-related matters and holds monthly public meetings “to review projects of interest to cyclists and discuss bike … Read more