Tempers flare around Tillamook Street tree removal as neighbors press for changes

Nearly one month has passed since the City of Portland announced plans to remove the traffic circle on NE 7th and Tillamook. And while the large tree that once stood in the middle of the circle is now gone, the frustrations from many neighbors about how this project has transpired are not. In the past … Read more

NE 7th Ave residents to PBOT: Keep cars out of our neighborhood

There’s been a flurry of activity around the Northeast 7th and Tillamook project since the City of Portland met with a large group of concerned residents last Wednesday night. As expected (and as requested by some neighbors) the Portland Bureau of Transportation followed up quickly with a new proposal that offers more traffic calming features. PBOT … Read more

Guest Opinion: Here are some low-car design options for NE 7th Avenue

This guest opinion is by Paxton Rothwell. “NE 7th fails to be either a vehicle through route or a bike-friendly neighborhood street. And yet it remains popular as both.” Traffic issues on NE 7th Avenue are once again in the spotlight. As BikePortland reported, the neighborhood meeting held September 14th did more to ignite additional … Read more

Eliot residents meet PBOT in the street to air grievances and urge more traffic calming

I’ve seen many interesting city meetings over the years, but nothing quite like what transpired last night on the corner of NE 7th and Tillamook. The Portland Bureau of Transportation was supposed to break ground two days ago on a project to remove the traffic circle at this intersection as part of a larger neighborhood … Read more

A closer look at PBOT’s design for NE 7th and Tillamook

The Portland Bureau of Transportation released their final striping plan for the redesign of Northeast Tillamook and 7th yesterday. For some reason, despite announcing the start of a project to remove the existing traffic circle on this offset intersection earlier this month, they hadn’t released the plans for what they’d put down in its place. … Read more

City will meet with neighbors about planned removal of tree and traffic circle

An unexpected meeting has been scheduled to take place tomorrow (Wednesday, September 14th) between the City of Portland and people who live around NE Tillamook and 7th Avenue. At issue is the tree and traffic circle in the middle of offset intersection that was scheduled to be removed as part of the Lloyd to Woodlawn … Read more

PBOT will remove tree and traffic circle on NE 7th at Tillamook

Say your goodbyes to the big tree and traffic circle at NE 7th and Tillamook because the City of Portland is about to remove it. The traffic circle is good at calming traffic, but it also reduces visibility and often creates unexpected behaviors when people cut it the wrong-way and/or don’t adhere to proper yielding … Read more