‘Circle Century’ documents 660 lap, 100-mile ride around Ladd Circle

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Still from Circle Century.

Southeast Portland resident and hobbyist movie maker Merritt Raitt debuted a new film at Filmed by Bike over the weekend. Circle Century documents his attempt to ride 100 miles, non-stop around Ladd Circle.

Raitt, who lives just a few houses down from the circle, accomplished his feat back in August 2011 but his movie has just now been released to the public. I followed up with Merritt to ask him a bit more about what it was like to ride a 0.15 mile loop of a neighborhood street 660 times without any breaks.
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‘Bare As You Dare’ naked ride documentary to debut at Filmed by Bike

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Still from Bare As You Dare.
(Photo: NW Documentary)

Bare As You Dare, a new documentary that goes behind the scenes of Portland’s annual World Naked Bike Ride will debut at Filmed by Bike later this month. The film was created by Ian McCluskey, Lilah Cady, and Jenn Byrne from NW Documentary, a Portland-based non-profit that teaches the “art of non-fiction storytelling.”

Bare As You Dare is a 17 minute film that features interviews with the volunteers who put on the ride. It also follows several subjects to show the diverse backgrounds of the people that participate. According to a statement from Filmed by Bike, the film, “follows a variety of subjects from a cancer survivor to a reserved homebody, who are surprisingly open in sharing their personal stories and motivation for participation.”
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Bicycle journey that explored “radical homesteading” rolls into Velo Cult tonight

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The Hussin brothers and their vehicles.
(Photo: Hussin brothers)

Two brothers who took a two-year, cross-country, roadkill-fueled bicycle journey while exploring “radical homesteading,” and “guerilla camping” will screen some of their films at Velo Cult tonight. Noah Hussin and his brother Tim documented the entire trip and are working on a film project titled America Recycled.

With partial funding from National Geographic, the brothers sought out how people were living off the land and spent time with communities far off the grid. Noah and Tim grew up in suburban Florida where they became, “Disillusioned by many of our inherited cultural values.” Their trip was an attempt to discover a different way of living. Here’s more from their USA Projects crowdfunding site:[Read more…]

New film by PDXCross documents Bend cyclocross madness

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Watch it below…

When PDXCross burst onto the local cyclocross scene back in 2008, the bar was officially raised when it came to cyclocross photography. Simply put, these guys nailed it. There was something special happening in Portland’s cyclocross scene and these guys were telling the story each week with some of the best photos of bicycling I’ve ever come across. In the years since, they’ve built a huge following, published the Dirty Pictures coffee table book, and have continued to produce breathtaking and inspiring images of the sport we all love.

Now, two of the PDXCross crew — Rob Finch and Jamie Francis — have released a short film called ‘Cross-Dressed’, which gives viewers a glimpse of the madness that is the annual Cross Crusade Halloween weekend. Based around the Bend Halloween cyclocross festival back in October, the 14-minute film garnered Audience Choice honors at Filmed by Bike earlier this month. And it’s easy to see why: Much like their images do, the film succeeds in capturing the distinct spirit and style of Oregon cross.
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New, weekly ‘Bike Smut’ show coming to Clinton St. Theater

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Filmed by Bike 2012-10

Phil Sano outside the Clinton Street Theater last Friday.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Fresh off his “Bike Smut” world tour, filmmaker, nudity activist, and bike fun provocateur Phil Sano (a.k.a. “Reverend Phil”) is launching a new weekly show at the Clinton Street Theater.

Here’s more from Sano via a press release sent out this morning:

Bike Smut, the homegrown international touring film festival, is excited to announce a new series of programming at The Clinton Street Theater. While busy curating the sixth year of original bike-sexual content from cyclists and perverts the world over, Bike Smut will spend the month of May screening some of their favorite past submissions and films that have paved the way, provided inspiration or just made them get their bike shorts in a twist. More than just bike movies without the sex or pornography sans bike, Bike Smut’s programming promises to titillate anyone’s curiosity.

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Cargo bike builder Tom LaBonty subject of new documentary

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Tom LaBonty

Tom LaBonty
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland

Portland-based filmmaker Joe Biel (Cantankerous Titles) has released the trailer of his latest project: a documentary about cargo bike builder Tom LaBonty titled One Less Truck.

LaBonty is the 41-year old tinkerer (and baggage handler at PDX Airport by day) who builds affordable cargo bikes (they start at around $500 if you provide the frame) from used parts in his garage in the Lents neighborhood. When we profiled him back in August 2009, he was just starting to make a name for himself around town. Now, thanks to his website, his Flickr photostream, and Craigslist, he’s built and sold 55 bikes to customers around the country.[Read more…]

Help make a bike movie: Cargo biking doc and Filmed by Bike project need you

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Screenshot from Canning’s website.

Ever wanted to be involved with the creation of a bike film? Now’s your chance. Filmmakers Liz Canning and Travis Wittwer are both working on bike film projects and they’re both looking for your help.

Ms. Canning is making (R)evolutions Per Minute, a documentary about the explosion of cargo biking in America. What makes this project doubly cool is that it’s being crowdsourced and Canning is calling for submissions. If your clip makes it into the final cut you’ll get a “co-director” credit. But don’t send the usual “I love cargo bikes!” stuff. Canning wants compelling footage that will reach out to the unconvinced.
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Filmmaker does 650 laps for a Ladd Circle century

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Does 650 laps sound like fun to you?

Remember Portlander Merritt Raitt? He’s the amateur filmmaker whose “Commuter Dreams” piece went viral (over 64,000 views and counting), became the toast of film festivals nationwide, and even won him a trip to the Tour de France.

Raitt’s next project is based just a few feet from his front door near Ladd Circle in Southeast Portland.

“I often ride centuries on the weekend,” Raitt told me about his new project, “and for some time now I have been thinking that it would be cool to ride a century on the circle.”[Read more…]

‘The Bicycle City’ documents the power of bicycles

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Still from The Bicycle City.
– Watch trailer below-

We all know the myriad benefits of bicycling (whether you ride them or not), but it’s not often that the power of this simple invention to fundamentally change lives is told by people who aren’t advocates or politicians.

Greg Sucharew is a documentary filmmaker working on a project to do just that.

Greg got in touch with us a few days to tell us about his current project, The Bicycle City (watch trailer below). The film is about the transformative power bicycles have had on the impoverished, war-torn town of Rivas, Nicaragua. Here’s more from Sucharew:[Read more…]

Must-see videos: Birds on bikes, bikes on trains, and BRT

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In the last few hours I’ve come across three videos that you don’t want to miss.

The first is the latest from Streetfilms. In their first-ever foray into Asia, it focuses on the bustling metropolis of Guangzhou, China. One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Guangzhou is “winning the future” with the most inspiring example of Bus Rapid Transit I have ever seen.

According to Streetfilms, the Guangzhou BRT system opened in February 2010 and it now carries 800,000 passengers a day, “seamlessly connecting riders to both the metro system and the city’s new bike-share network.” BRT is fascinating to me and it seems to be a big success whenever it’s done right. Trouble is, in America BRT seems to have taken a back seat to rail transit (which is a lot more expensive and takes years to implement). My gut says there’s a lot of cultural bias and politics wrapped into that trend. Maybe China’s success will raise some eyebrows…[Read more…]