Carfree Portlanders Video Series: The Johnson Family

Welcome to the latest episode of our Carfree Portlanders video series!

In this episode you’ll meet the Johnson family: Kate, Kiel and Lulu.

This trio is a fixture in our community, in large part because Kiel has been pushing Portlander to be a better biking city for well over a decade. I first met him as a fresh college graduate in 2010 who did such great work setting up bike trains at local schools he earned an Alice Award and a spot on national TV. These days he owns and runs the Go By Bike shop and bike valet service at OHSU under the Aerial Tram in South Waterfront.

And you might recall Kate as our former ‘Gal by Bike’ columnist here at BikePortland. Add their little one Lulu to the mix and you’ve got one heck of a family.

In this video you’ll follow them to Ikea and on a few Pedalpalooza rides.

Thanks to our video guy Amit Zinman for doing stellar work on this series. These videos are funded by BikePortland and made possible in part by your subscriptions!

Watch it above or via this link. Browse past Carfree Portlander episodes here.