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Beaverton dispatch: A renewed pump track and a carfree bridge over Highway 26?

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on April 23rd, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Eichler Park Pump Track is getting a big upgrade!
(Photos: Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District)

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Catching up with the Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition

Avatar by on March 9th, 2011 at 11:49 am

Inside the WashCo BTC’s Frans Pauwels Memorial Bicycle Center.
From left to right: Volunteer Al Martinez, Hal Ballard, and founding staff-member Mark Norbert.

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Bethany Blvd widening approved: See what’s in the plans

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on February 25th, 2011 at 7:45 am

Plan drawing of Bethany expansion.

On Tuesday night, Washington County Commissioners voted 3-2 to widen Bethany Boulevard north of Highway 26 (map). The current roadway is two lanes and Tuesday’s vote was for a four-lane design that will bulge out to five lanes where left turns are permitted.

We haven’t been following this project closely, but The Oregonian reported that the meeting exposed some tension, not just from neighbors who will be affected by the project, but also on the Commission itself:[Read more…]

Beyond Beaverton by bike

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on February 23rd, 2011 at 8:49 am

Beaverton to Tualatin ride-1

Join us for a ride beyond Beaverton.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Last week I met up with Jim Parsons for a ride on the West Side. We wove our way through the bowels of Beaverton, (confronting mega-arterials at every turn) and eventually made our way into beautiful unincorporated Washington County. I always learn a lot when I let Jim lead me on a ride, and this time was no different. Check out the photos and notes below to see what I mean…

One of the best parts of riding in Beaverton are the hidden routes that weave between housing developments. I have no idea how novice riders would know where these bikeways are; but if you can find them, you can find sweet little spots like this bridge and pond…[Read more…]

Beaverton fatality follow-up: A conversation with police spokesman

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on February 15th, 2011 at 11:33 am

“Given the circumstances, it seems like issuing a citation would probably not stand up in court. Any person could go in and say, ‘It’s dark, rainy, there’s this little red light in the road’. I think any judge would toss that citation out’.”
— Det. Sgt. Jim Shumway, Beaverton Police Department

The community is trying to understand what happened in Saturday’s fatal traffic crash that resulted in the death of 47-year old Bret Lewis. In the meantime, Police investigators work on their investigation, advocates have swung into action, and family and friends grieve at the senseless loss of life.

As I mentioned in my initial report, the police statement about the crash seemed (to me at least) to go out of its way to absolve the motor vehicle operator (now identified as 48-year old James Nguyen of Beaverton) of any wrongdoing. Mr. Nguyen didn’t intend to kill anyone Saturday night; but as a vehicle operator, he has an important legal (and moral) responsibility to use enough care and caution so as to not hit another person who is operating their vehicle legally (which it seems like Lewis was doing) on the same road.

To learn more about the crash and about concerns with how it was framed by police, I had a conversation yesterday with Beaverton Police Department Detective Sergeant Jim Shumway. Sgt. Shumway is the Public Information Officer who wrote the press statement about this crash. [Read more…]

Man killed while bicycling on TV Hwy in Beaverton

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on February 12th, 2011 at 10:26 pm

47-year old Michael Bret Lewis died in the hospital this evening at after he was struck from behind by a motor vehicle while riding his bicycle on SW Tualatin Valley Highway in Beaverton at around 6:30pm.

Police say Lewis was hit by a 48-year old man driving a Toyota Prius who was also headed westbound. The collision happened near the intersection of SW Tualaway Ave (in front an auto dealership – Google Map here).[Read more…]

Metro gets funding to do Latino-focused bike/walk map project

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on January 12th, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Tour de Parks - Hillsboro-6.jpg

Biking in downtown Hillsboro.
(Photo © J. Maus

Metro has been awarded a $75,000 grant from health care company Kaiser Permanente for a biking and walking map project in Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro.

The goal of the project, which Metro staffer Katie Edlin says is currently called, “Vámanos! Let’s explore Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro by bike and foot,” is to promote existing biking and walking routes to those communities. The project would also have a specific focus on connecting with Latino families.
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Hillsboro gets ODOT grant to improve Rock Creek Trail

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on November 24th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

This image shows the existing gap in the Rock Creek Trail (green) where it intersects with Evergreen Parkway.

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Beaverton PD crosswalk enforcement nets 55 tickets in five hours

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on November 5th, 2010 at 9:58 am

seen in Beaverton

Waiting to cross near Beaverton City Hall.
(Photo © J. Maus)

What would happen if police officers in a suburban city went out and did a crosswalk law enforcement action (a.k.a. sting) at a busy intersection? Well, the Beaverton Police Department found out last Wednesday. Beaverton PD officers spent five hours, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, on two “crosswalk details.”

The result? 55 citations and nine warnings. Check the full press release from the Beaverton PD below (emphasis mine).

On November 3, 2010, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Beaverton Police Department’s Traffic Team conducted two crosswalk details. The details were conducted at the intersections of S.W. 12th Street and S.W. Hall Boulevard (map) and S.W. 4th Street and S.W. Watson Avenue (map). Officers were looking for vehicles that did not stop and remain stopped for pedestrians while they were using the crosswalk, according to ORS 811.028.[Read more…]

Hillsboro welcomes Oregon’s first Bikestation

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on October 27th, 2010 at 11:50 am

Notables line up to cut the ribbon.
L to R: Karl Dinger (City of Hillsboro Intermodal Transit Facility Project Manager), Toni Plunkett (City of Hillsboro Controller), Bob Reitmeir (City of Hillsboro Fleet and Facilities Director), Colin Cooper (City of Hillsboro Planning Manger), Steve Krautscheid (Director of Facilities for Tuality Hospital), Aron Carlson (City of Hillsboro City Council President), Andrea White-Kjoos (CEO of Bikestation/Mobis), Jim Wilcox (Bikestation Northwest Rep). Laying down: John Southgate (City of Hillsboro Economic Development Director)
(Photos: Colin Cooper)

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